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Road to Fécula Km 04, lots 905 to 910
Mailbox 241, Zip code 87200-970, Cianorte - PR


0800 6485544

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Avenorte Group - Guibon Foods' whistleblowing channel aims to strengthen commitment, ethics and transparency in all its relationships and operations.

It is exclusive for safe and anonymous communication of possible violations of our Code of Ethics, internal policies and / or the current legislation. It is available to the general public, especially to its employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

All complaints or reports will be promptly investigated, without conflicts of interest.

Please do not use this channel for questions, complaints, suggestions or criticisms related to the products and services provided.

In such cases, you should contact the Customer Service Department (SAC) by email or by the number 0800 6485544.

We reaffirm that Avenorte Group does not tolerate retaliation or punishment for those who file a report with responsibility and in good faith.